About this site…

Hi! I’m Bob Way and this is my vanity site.

Really! There is no sensible reason for this site to exist at all. In fact, I didn’t really want a website at all. I just wanted a better email address. But once you give out your email address, people reflexively start typing your domain into a web browser. Originally there was simply an old school “readme.txt” file here. It explained all of this and added a short note explaining there were no hidden secrets in the “cgi-bin” directory. Seems, my clever geek humor was lost on most people.

So by popular request, here sits a shiny new but completely content-free site. Enjoy!

Bob Way
blog (at) bob – way . com
bob _ way on twitter



  1. Yes my info is fake. I was linked here by an internet aggregate website and was pleased to find that before I knew it I had read through much of the history of an arena I didn’t think I cared to know about from one man’s perspective. Just wanted to say thanks for letting us read this and I would bring you cookies if I could.

  2. Congratulations you were the first one to notice the site. Thanks for the comments. You really made me smile! And Thanks even more for the cookies!

  3. I have been handed the XRP torch from Hodor (XRP community member) today. I would like to hand off the torch to you. Please let me know if you can do this. Btw, everyone appreciates your communication and time you’ve shared.
    Thank you so much in advance.
    Let me know.
    Warmest Regards,
    @sentosumosaba on Twitter

  4. Hi bob its chris here aka hoodedsuburban of love for crypto, curt is eager to have you on the show, im not sure if you are familiar with our work on youtube (love for crypto) but curts question was the tinfoil hat question alex asked you on his stream but never gave our name
    We are the creators of the economic machine documentary etc, and feel it would be am honour to discuss with curtis, his raw passion and direct questions is something our community thrive off and feel this would be an astronomical, no holds barred, swear as much as you like show, really hope to hear from you
    Chris love for crypto

  5. I’d love to talk to those guys. I need to calm down and focus for a week or so first though. I’ll ping them once I’m through my self created backlog of tasks.

  6. Hi Bob,

    Firstly thank you for the content and what you do for the community. I just watched your Q&A with Alex Cobb and thought it was a great watch and incredibly insightful.

    I would love to see you get in touch with Scott from Love For Crypto. He has also done an incredible amount for the XRP community and I know a discussion between you two would be an epic watch!

    Hope you consider this.



    Twitter – domz_invests

  7. Love for Crypt seem to be the biggest request I’ve received in the past week. I’ll definitely contact them after I’ve had a chance to get caught up.

  8. Hope you’re doing good and staying away from Covid!

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