…in Las Vegas

Yes, this is supposed to be the conclusion of the Fear and Loathing… post. I know, I know, this thread is dragging on forever. Trust me, it’s going to end real soon now.

Well at least soon in elapsed posting time. Just one more post. Then hopefully I’m done with this long boring nostalgia phase. Time to move on the the twistedly clever bits of… well, I guess… more nostalgia.

It’s the soon in clock time that I’m never quite so sure about. (Crap, I write slowly!) This time though I’m really quite certain that soon is going to extend a little further into the future than we both might like.

Because as serendipity might have it, I really am in Vegas! Woot! I’ll be at the Defcon conference at the Rio starting Thursday. Got to make up for lost time! Look for me. I’ll be the guy in the black t-shirt.

Until Thursday I’m having a little quality time with Janet. She doesn’t know that yet… Shhh! Her plan was to have some quality time with the slot machines. When she gets tired of my qualities, maybe I’ll pop my head into Black Hat and distract you folks doing real work.

If you happen to be at Black Hat or Defcon let me know. Let’s drink some pirate rum and swap a few stories! Seriously! Do ping me even if you just stumbled upon this blog. It’s time for a few new adventures that I can write nostalgically about in 2021!


  1. Why did the updates stop?

    I cannot go on… without more…

    Hope you’ve been well!

  2. I think I just lost my mojo…

    Really, sometimes this writing seem cathartic. Other times I feel a bit vulnerable. I have to admit many of the things I’ve written and much that is left to write, didn’t go quite as successfully as I would have liked. Every now and again I feel like I’m publicly calling myself to task for something I’ve screwed in my past.

    Anyway, I appreciate the encouragement. Please keep it up! I’ve got a few more stories that I should have posted a while back. I’ll start with those. Hopefully that will give me the inspiration to finish this story.


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