A Little Slow

It seems like a long time since I’ve updated this. I had a few family distractions that kept me busy and away from the keyboard. It seems like every time I stop writing it’s twice as painful getting started again. I write and write and write and it still seems like everything sucks. Plaintext says I’m at 2,318 words now and I’m less than half-way through the story I set out to tell. Each time I reread it, I still only see a bunch of disjointed nonsense. This is a pivotal part of my story so, it’s starting to make me want to pull my hair out.

Just as a little kick in the ass, I’m going to begin posting what I’ve got in pieces. However, I want this to serve as fair warning, I make no promises that I won’t pull all of it down and rewrite it again. You’ll have to read at your own risk.

At the peril of spoiling my mixed metaphors I want to explain one analogy up front. To me it has always been a two front war. I think of the war on hackers, phreaks and software pirates as the eastern front. The early hacker stories I read were about people from MIT or other companies and universities on the east coast. The much older Hollywood war on technology, consumers, and media pirates, I think of as the western front.

I only mention this because I’d intended to call this part of the story “The Western Front”. However as I serialize it, I fear people might run away in disgust thinking I’m breaking Godwin’s law. Trust me, I used the term stormtrooper only as a lame Star Wars metaphor. Anyway, please don’t judge too harshly. My ego is a little fragile at the moment.

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