For Apple II geeks PR#6 represents both the end of what you were doing last and the beginning of what you want to do next. After an interesting and productive few years Clay and I have decided to wind up HBM and each move on to new adventures.

As most of you know, Janet finished her PharmD and launched her own pharmacy consultancy last fall. She totally rocks at it and her colleagues can’s stop singing her praises! However, there is an old saying about the shoemaker’s son being the only child running around barefoot. Curiously, the same concept holds for healthcare consultants and insurance. As such I’m looking for an interesting corporate gig where I can provider her with the comprehensive health coverage that keeps her smiling and happy.

With $100 oil kicking Houston back to life again, my simple solution is to call up some “good ol’ boys” and see what’s worth doing in the oil industry. It’s always profitable but optimally I’d really like to do something more interesting. There’s that concept again “interesting.”

For me, “interesting” means reinventing sub-optimal techniques where the consensus sees zero alternatives. Breakthroughs come not where people say something can’t be done, but where they perceive an absence of possibility.

Yet without a sense of irony, off I went on the same pilgrimage as every job seeker. Searching listings, revising my industry standard resumé. But this time I thought, it’s important to highlight projects that sell me as “interesting” rather than just technically competent.

Insanity is repeating others mistakes while expecting different results.
Arg, the futility of trying to sell ones unique creativity using linked-in’s standard template. It makes me laugh now just thinking about it!

Which brings me back to this current project. I’m inventing a new path. I’m going to invert the search and let the folks who need my brand of creativity find me. Think of the next ten posts as a hack. One engineered to bring only the most interesting folks back to this page. And while it might seem self-defeating to reveal my plot twist up front, those of you who find your way back here will recognize this not as the beginning of my monologue but start of our dialog.

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