About this site…

Hi! I’m Bob Way and this is my vanity site.

Really! There is no sensible reason for this site to exist at all. In fact, I didn’t really want a website at all. I just wanted a better email address. But once you give out your email address, people reflexively start typing your domain into a web browser. Originally there was simply an old school “readme.txt” file here. It explained all of this and added a short note explaining there were no hidden secrets in the “cgi-bin” directory. Seems, my clever geek humor was lost on most people.

So by popular request, here sits a shiny new but completely content-free site. Enjoy!

Bob Way
blog (at) bob – way . com
bob _ way on twitter



  1. Yes my info is fake. I was linked here by an internet aggregate website and was pleased to find that before I knew it I had read through much of the history of an arena I didn’t think I cared to know about from one man’s perspective. Just wanted to say thanks for letting us read this and I would bring you cookies if I could.

  2. Congratulations you were the first one to notice the site. Thanks for the comments. You really made me smile! And Thanks even more for the cookies!

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